Project Management of Farr 11s # 6

Our client in Rio de Janeiro purchased a Farr 11s to be built at Premier Composite Technologies in Dubai UAE, and had a specific goal to be able to sail the boat in the ocean on overnight trips single-handed and double-handed. We engaged the services of Farr Yacht Design to modify several aspects of the boat to facilitate the client's requirements, including a unique two-position tiller setup, increased ballast keel bulb with the option to remove ballast for fully crewed sailing, upgraded canting hydraulics to handle the additional bulb weight, added a water ballast tank aft for downwind trim, specialized sail handling systems, gyro controlled autopilot and sophisticated charging systems with additional batteries to ensure adequate charging for the 12V house and engine start system as well as the 24V keel operation system.

Tink Chambers made three visits to the builder at critical points during the build process to ensure that the complex systems and specifications and a high quality of construction were met. A brief sea trial under motor was conducted in Dubai on the last of these trips before the boat was packed and delivered to Rio.

On arrival early August Tink spent a couple of days commissioning the boat then took it for its first sail on Guanabara Bay during the passage of a cold front that brought 20 knot windspeeds and 18 knot boatspeeds under the asymmetric spinnaker and it was a delighted owner with a grin from ear to ear steering his new boat that day.

We are pleased that our project management skills were able to introduce the level of customization and equipment installation to this unique project and provide the owner with a high quality boat that meets or exceeds his expectations. Our connections with top professionals in the industry provide us with the expertise to help owners achieve their goals be it a high-end production racing yacht, a fully customized design and build racing project, or something in between.